Unique individual tartans can be designed and woven especially for your needs. We have custom woven fabrics for many corporate clients and also private individuals.

It is nowadays quite feasible to design and produce a new Tartan, and is economically viable – especially if you plan on weaving a reasonable quantity of the cloth once the design is established and has been accepted. The normal quality of cloth we produce is a 16/17oz. wool worsted: superb material and highly recommended for all purposes.  We can also produce Polyester/Viscose and Polyester/Cotton materials.

The procedure is that the client advises us of the colours which are important to be included, along with the priority and significance of these colours

Our designer will spend some time producing computer designs, with emphasis on the various reasons for the chosen colours and we will forward the designs to the customer and at the same time, we can include yarn samples to show the actual colours that will be used to weave the tartan.


To have your cloth woven there is a minimum of 12 yards double width 56” wide 16 ounce worsted wool material.

If you wish to have your tartan registered with The Scottish Register of Tartans we can arrange this.

We can supply tartan by the yard/metre. We can supply a complete Product Range including hats of various designs, scarves, ties, bow ties, cummerbunds, rugs/blankets etc.. and we can supply many garments suitable for personal wear or corporate uniforms including kilts, trousers, waistcoats etc..